Walking out of church toward God.

Let's Get Started

I recently heard a blogger, Glennon Melton, refer to life as “Brutiful” - a mixture of brutal and beautiful. Oh, how I love this expression! She is so right on - that is 100% true. There are moments that fill us up so high that we feel like we could climb the highest mountain and scream with our arms wide open, “I love my life”. There are other moments, however, that make us feel totally defeated. Think of the most brutal battle scene in a movie and picture the soldier (wounded, dirty, exhausted, crawling on the ground). We have all felt life beat us up to that extent. If i’m being totally honest the majority of the nights of my life when after I’ve put the kids to bed, cleaned up the tornado of a mess we’ve made in preparation to do it all again tomorrow, and sat on the couch with a long sigh, I feel more like a wounded soldier than a jolly mountain climber.


Why do this?

When Whitney came up with this crazy idea to write an honest blog about our lives, marriage and what its like to try to follow Jesus, I was more than a little reluctant. My first thought was, “why would anyone care?”We live in the suburbs, and Whitney drives a mini-van. Taking our three young kids out to the local Hibachi restaraunt is about as adventurous as we get most weeks. A&E probably won’t be offering us a TV show anytime soon. 

After getting past my initial skepticism about the idea, fear set in next. What if we really did tell our story? Not the story we fabricate on Instagram and Facebook but the authentic one complete with all its secret messes, struggles and insecurities. 


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